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Ah yes, the art of shamelessly plugging your own work! Ha ha! Well, "An Alchemic Reaction" is still a work in progress as I get my jumbled ideas for the story in order. I am trying my best to get the next two chapters up ASAP, so do not worry dear fans....I am COMMITED to finishing this fanfic!

It's not meant to be an epic, just a good love story. However, the ending may catch you by surprise! I'm trying out something that hasn't been used yet in any of the Roywin fics thus far! And for those of you who have asked me if Ed or Al will ever be featured in my story, the answer is "maybe". (The story takes place AFTER the movie ends.)

So hang in there you guys! I promise it will turn out to be a great one! ;)

Here it is:
"An Alchemic Reaction"
9/10/2009 07:36:59 pm

I love this fic! I've been reading it over at and I can't wait for anther update!!!

9/17/2009 03:14:49 pm

OMG! This is the best fanfic I've read about Roywin!!! Keep updating please!!!! I love it!

9/29/2009 01:28:55 pm

Oh wow! I've also been reading this fic for a while! This little site is great! Nice dedication!

I always read this fic whenever I'm alerted of an update! The last chapter has held me in suspense and I can't wait for he next one!!!! :D


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