roy mustang + winry rockbell
I have written about this author before. It is the same author who wrote the beautifully executed "The Lotus Eaters". Well, Camudekyu did it again. 

I had received a message from a fellow RoyWin addict, Kimono Kay, that she had just finished reading TWICE an amazing fanfiction. When I saw the link, and the author, I knew I was in for a real treat. 

That fanfiction is "The Poor, Earth Born Companion". 

It is a one-shot, but a very satisfying one-shot. Just like the author's previous work, it is written almost lyrically, with a flowing form of prose. Something that almost feels too good to simply be free on the internet. 

All I can say is, you need to read it. READ IT NOW. 

Here is the link :

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