roy mustang + winry rockbell
MORE emotional turmoil between our favorite taboo pairing. Presented by RowenVelvet in the 5th chapter of "Penance".

Link to the Chapter:
Drum roll please.....

I have been beta-reading and waiting for this fantastic piece of RoyWin fiction to come out! 

And it's finally here!!!  RowenVelvet's "Penance" brings a whole new point of view to the RoyWin story, we love to ship.  I don't want to give much away, but you will find plenty to love about this unique (yet familiar) story. I will be posting each chapter here on the fanfic blog, with further reviews of each.  

I must say that reading this fic was a lot of fun, and I am so happy to see more authors taking an interest in this pairing. 

Beyond the angst, RowenVelvet really managed to convey what this pairing is all about, keeping the characters true to themselves, and making it work. 

Enough chit-chat, time to READ!!! :)

"Penance" by RowenVelvet