roy mustang + winry rockbell
"Date for Tea" is a different kind of RoyWin pairing. It is only a one-shot story, and I really wish someone would grab this story and run with it. Why? Because it has the potential to grow into a truly romantic "affair" between our favorite pairing. In "Date for Tea" Roy and Winry come across each other by chance. It seems that they are both already paired off with someone else back in their respective homes. However, there is something very captivating about their encounter, and this is why I have posted it.

I really liked this one-shot. I know its tough writing RoyWin, but even the shortest stories are greatly appreciated and inspiring!

Keep up the good work!

Here is the link :
"Date For Tea"

Oh wow, your right, someone should really grab this story and run with it! I'd love to see it as a full story too! maybe u should do it! :D


But, armed with a few key phrases and a little local knowledge, Korea can be a vegetarians' paradise.


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