roy mustang + winry rockbell
Generally speaking, most One-Shots are pretty lame. However, Julia G.D. has completely changed my expectations when I read this extraordinarily well written little gem! In just a few paragraphs of "Just Are", the author has managed to get the essential "magic" of Roy and Winry.

It is set after CoS (which is the best setting for this pairing). Desperation, hope, chemistry, loneliness, and a new sense of purpose is demonstrated in this work. This is what Roy X Winry is about! Julia G.D. can you please write us an epic for this pairing!?

Here is the link :

"Just Are"
Julia G. Darelle

Thank you so much for your kind words (I am not sure the praise is deserved though!)
I wish someday I will have the skill (and time!) to write something semi-epic in length with Roy and Winry. It's a great pairing and it surely is underrepresented in fandom.


Oh, how on earth haven't I came across this piece before?!

I really enjoyed it, there are few writers who can write this pairing so well!


I LOVED IT. Short but sweet! I think the author should def do a full story! We need more Roiwin fics! :D


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