roy mustang + winry rockbell
Hello everyone! 
RowenVelvet's "Penance" has added chapters 3 & 4 to her epic RoyWin tale! Enjoy the ongoing suspense, and fun of this lovely AU / Continuation. 

Here is a quick link to the fic:

On a side note: I have almost completed the long-awaited Chapter 10, and ALMOST finished reading and beta-ing a new RoyWin fic. Busy busy, but it looks like our shippers are growing in numbers! :)
12/5/2011 14:40:31

What a great time to be a WinRoy shipper! I'm loving the upsurge, and looking forward to the next chapter of your story as well as this new fiction you're beta'ing... Also, have you had a chance to read 'The Sands of Ishvar' by Laetans? If you haven't check it out it's very good...

12/5/2011 22:32:57

Yes! I finished reading "The Sands of Ishvar" yesterday, and left 2 reviews on I love the story, and depth, BUT I am a little bit unsure on how I feel about the WinRoy interaction. I felt like there was a great buildup, and then it was just kinda glossed over and rushed without much detail. Either way, their relationship has just begun, so I am hoping the author takes some of my advice and focuses a little more on the romance. I gotta say though, it's a very creative and engrossing fic! :)


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