roy mustang + winry rockbell
Oooooohhhh....I am totally excited about this fresh new piece by Mustang86!

Periodically, perhaps once a month or so, I search through the Fanfiction sites for a new RoyXWinry fic (or fix), usually coming up either empty-handed, finding some unfinished work (I'm looking at you RYOKOBLUE! *shakes fist at her retirement from fanfiction*)  or seeing my now officially M Rated fic at the top of the list (I'm working on the next chapter guys...I haven't given up!)

However, this month I have been treated to the beginning of a new story, and it looks like it's going to be an emotionally charged and unique little ride based on the book "Fallen" by Lauren Kate. I get the feeling that Mustang86 is getting in touch with the angsty side of Winry and Roy's relationship. This will probably in turn, create a weeping mess out of me, and that's just fine! I can take it! 

Also! Check out this author's fantastic AMV "Everything You Want"! It's posted up in the "fan amv" section!

Here is the link : "Remember Me"

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