roy mustang + winry rockbell
Can we say awesome???
Mischiefmagnet is on the verge of an epic Winroy story here, and might not even know it! I recall once receiving a nice little message from this author complimenting me on my own fanfic "An Alchemic Reaction" (which I will plug later!) and telling me that they had the urge to write a Winroy fanfic! Why? Because they are awesome, and we need MORE FANFICS of this awesome couple.

Then comes my big shocker when I read the first chapter of MM's newly developed work. WOW....AMAZING. This author KNOWS how to write emotions down on paper, and really "gets" the characters, and WHY they have such great chemistry!

So all we have to do now is heckle Mischiefmagnet to finish the damn thing! (I'm sure I will be told the same. hehe.)

Here is this great work in progress :

"Running to Stand Still"

Oh wow! I hope they continue the story! It's great! Thanks for the recommendation!
I loved it!


This is awesome! I hope they continue it. Thanks for posting it!


Wow, thanks for the plug! Bit of a late thanks, I guess. I would have said thanks sooner if I had known it was here.

Embarrassed to say I discovered it by googling my fan fic author name, which was an interesting experience.

I'm sailing on the sea of fan fic category confusion at present, but hoping to update RTSS pretty soon.

Glad you guys liked it! ^_^


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