roy mustang + winry rockbell
We will start things off with this incredibly angst-filled "T-Rated" fanfic of Roy and Winry, written by Quagga.  This is a dark little tale of redemption, but all the doom and gloom result in a great reward. This is a very well written, and emotionally stirring piece of Roywin fanfiction!

Here is the link :
"The Planets"
9/17/2009 03:23:45 pm

I just read this recently, and gotta say that its REEEAAALLLLYYY ANGSTY!!! Like WOW!!! But you are right about the reward in the end! It is a great payoff!

9/26/2009 05:00:27 pm

OOoops, I leave this in the wrong place. This is where it was supposed to go =P

Aaahh, I read this fic all over again in one night and I felt the love all over again for this couple!!! I liked it again, but again I felt as if it need it more... love?, or at least more happiness at the end. Well I still really love it and now I'm reading every other fic again so I can inspire me and be able to write something (and of course, I'll need to read the manga and watch the anime).

There's something I of course value from this fic, the development of their companionship, and OF COURSE the description of the automail installement. It's oh so great, but as an engineer I can see some other things that should be mentioned... and I'll need some medical research bu it's so beautiful how is described it here!! ^.^ I'm not sadistic but The Automail Mechanic, Winry Rockbell really looks cool in this fic with that kind of work

Thanks for not forgetting the real love in Fullmetal. RoyxWinry Rules!!!


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